In 2011, I was about to get married and started doing research for my own wedding bouquets. I found so many beautiful ideas online and in magazines. I had it all planned out...and then I found out what the cost was going to be. Eek! No way was I going to spend that kind of money!

I found a paper bouquet online and started doing some research about paper flowers.  I've always been really into art, so I knew I could do it myself!

I made all the bridesmaid and table flowers for my own wedding and it saved me a ton of money. 

Now, I look back on my wedding flowers and laugh. They were so awful! It's taken me years to get really good at making paper flowers and now, I can compete with the best of them. 

I love this business!  It lets me be my neurotic, detail-oriented, ADHD self in a productive way.

I now make much more than flowers. We do all kinds of paper decorations, paper shapes, jewelry, cufflinks, and laser engraved gifts. My husband now works at home and helps create all the cool stuff you see on our website and Etsy shop. 

Come check us out!